Could the immersive Street View feature of Google provide us a peek into the metaverse?

With the introduction of Google Maps Street View 15 years ago, individuals could explore distant places as if they were actually there.

similar to how the metaverse is being hailed as "the next big thing" on the internet.

When Google co-founder Larry Page had a "far-fetched" thought that led to Street View, there was no notion of online life transitioning to virtual worlds.

It enables users of the business's free navigation service to view map imagery from the viewpoint of really being there.

The metaverse is currently all the rage in the tech industry.

businesses like Facebook parent Meta are funding the development of online worlds where real people can work, play, shop, and other activities represented by characters from video games.

In his automobile, Larry Page hung a video camera out the window.

In more than 100 different countries, Street View images have been collected.